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Dr. Margaret Park is a board-certified sleep physician (ABSM, Sleep Medicine/ABPN). She has an undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University, a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, and a medical degree from Rosalind Franklin University. After completing her neurology residency training and fellowship in Sleep Medicine from Rush University Medical Center, she started a career as an academic sleep physician. At Rush University, she served as Associate Program Director and a member of the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education. Her past duties included training of medical students, residents, and fellows in sleep medicine. While she served as Medical Director of the Biological Rhythm Laboratory, she was a key member of research evaluating sleep circadian rhythms and various health and medical disorders. Having suffered adverse effects of severe sleep deprivation from her years during medical training and during the infancy period of her two boys, she is a fierce advocate in good sleep hygiene and a regular sleep schedule. In her spare time, she loves reading and likes watching outdated reruns. While she does not lend any medical advice, her academic and private practice experience with evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders give us a unique perspective on sleep in general.

Melinda Johansen is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Leader.  She has an undergraduate degree in education from Miami University and a Master of Science in Nursing from Rush University College of Nursing with Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (certification pending). With her background in education and clinical sleep medicine, she works daily with patients to educate and treat sleep disorders, improving their overall sleep health. She loves reading, listening to podcasts, and cannot stop watching terrible reality shows. As an inherent night owl, she is happiest when she has a hearty nine hours of sleep per night and is therefore a stickler for her sleep schedule. Given her first-hand knowledge of sleep products, including sleep machines and sleep masks, she brings us her insight into healthy sleep practices.

Kyle Johansen has an undergraduate degree in journalism from Miami University and a master’s degree from Loyola University in integrated marketing communications. He has authored several news pieces and blogs of various topics, and he is an avid podcast listener and sports enthusiast. Kyle suffers from screen addiction and is still trying to get used to a new sleep schedule. His resultant (mild) insomnia has motivated him to consistently work to improve his sleep health, including seeking information regarding better sleep habits and sleep lifestyle. Kyle embraces all forms of technology and defers heavily to reviews when making purchasing decisions.

Our goal as a team is to bring you a unique and personalized perspective to help you take steps towards improving both your sleep, and your overall health.

A good night of rest is waiting….

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